AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL “Why I’m Inconvenient” Clip & Trailer (2017)

AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL “Why I’m Inconvenient” Clip & Trailer (2017)


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  1. Wait… I thought climate change is a natural occurrence on this earth?? I mean eons and periods don't end by the snap of the fingers they end through change and guess what climate is the biggest change there is for this earth to use to balance itself. This is the fact us humans are trying to immortalize ourselves through the continuation of our kind but we can't avoid the inevitable, eventually one day no matter how rich, how poor or who you are, where you are at eventually we all will perish and maybe not all at once, but in the end something will happen that will spell the end of our extinction just like all those before us. Green house gases are emitted not only by us, but by volcanoes, tar pits, gaseous releases by the earth itself, all we have done is added and accelerated it but we as humans can not stop it, it is inevitable.

  2. That's a killer ad campaign. "I'm inconvenient"….. When some market exec thought of that, they must've felt a chill go down their spine! Great, great idea. ….but also, what a bunch of bullshit.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, real life NPC's. The (((people))) in this video are not real, they are merely programs walking around, spouting a bunch of nonsensical hyperbole. If you see one, do not panic. These (((people))) are only here for your amusement and nothing else.

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