Marvel’s THE PUNISHER “Friends. Enemies. Frank Castle.” Teaser Trailer (2017) Netflix

Marvel’s THE PUNISHER “Friends. Enemies. Frank Castle.” Teaser Trailer (2017) Netflix


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  1. Everyone always says DD season 2 is the best of them all. It's only up there for me because I feel the punisher put it there. If castle was not in it and was just Electra I would enjoy DD season 1 more. My opinion just wondered if I was alone thinking it

  2. This is coming in November, everyone. That's the ONLY official information Marvel has given. Until Marvel gives the actual date in the actual trailer, don't take the word of anyone but them.

    An example of false information: IMDB claims that the release date is November 14th. That's completely wrong. How do I know? One, IMDB is as reliable as Wikipedia-that is, not at all. Two, November 14th is a Tuesday. The Marvel Netflix shows have ALWAYS been released on Fridays. To release one on a Tuesday would just be completely inconsistent with what they have done before with the previous shows.

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